COMIC REVIEW: Grey Chapter 1: Hello Winter

Written by Kris Hornett & illustrated by Ardee Arollado.

Special Projects Artist Kenet Guevarra & Editor and Multimedia Creator, Lisa Taylor.

The Grey Room
Chapter One: Winter
Page 5

Living in a somewhat post-COVID world, the fear of a nano-virus that “turned the country into chaos” seems very time relevant and too real. We start with an empty city, a reflection of what many of us experienced on a global scale. In this story we have a nanovirus, a microscopic microbiological nanotechnological nanobot with the ability to replicate itself. I’d like to find out more info on this virus, such as how it was created it and for what purpose.

One thing for sure, is that we the people wanted it gone and a hero, rather than the nonsensical politicians who only seemed to be out to help numbero uno. Their Heroes go by the name, Nimbus, a team of individuals elected to protect and serve. Sounds good, right? Not everyone seems to think so, especially Bureau Agents who feel they aren’t getting the gratitude and acknowledgement they deserve.

We’ve got a crime-mystery with jutsu and they definitely let it shine.

From first glance, the manga illustrations have chiaroscuro at play. Black and white is always powerful and contrasts the pop of blue.

Our main character Shuyin is a quick thinker and reacts accordingly. And for you Naruto fans, we have Fūinjutsu (page 11). We are first introduced to his power, but still not sure how powerful he is and what he is capable to manifest. I’m sure we will see more in the chapters to follow.

Page 11

“You didn’t forget about me, did you winter” gave me chills. And the last thing I was expecting her to do was explode after.

Page 31

Page 31 is definitely my favourite. I love the composition and Yakaman looks like such a a badass. I want to know what ticked her off and made her hate “Winter” so much.

You can clearly see the different personalities in the chapter and it came together with the character descriptions provided for context.

Okay, so that was pretty good, and now I’m hooked. I have so many questions. Who is Yakaman? What happened last time? How was Shuyin Hagamuri involved, his dark past, and how powerful is he to be called “winter”?

All I can say now is: Hello Winter and Hello Chapter 2…

Check Out below for this chapter and more!


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